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Magnum Sidewinder HPi Boot Review

Magnum Sidewinder HPI BootMy first thought when I put on the Magnum Sidewinder HPi boot was that they were definitely designed for some rough and rugged terrain. The next thought that ran through my head was that these boots were built for protection and built to last. If you have experience with these kinds of boots you can tell the difference from other brands right away.

The Magnum Sidewinder HPI Bootmight seem just a little stiff when you first put them on but this should be expected for a boot built for rugged terrain. However, they don’t feel as rigid as most other boots do when you get them out of the box. Walking around and standing in the Magnum Sidewinder HPi boots was actually very comfortable. You won’t regret wearing these boots all day when you finally take them off like you might with some other brands.

The boots are actually extremely breathable. With the waterproofing and ruggedness of the boots I thought they would be very stuffy to wear, I was pleasantly surprised when they were not. I have used these Magnum Sidewinder Boots in the hot desert outside of Las Vegas, in the snowy mountain terrain of Colorado, and just walking around in the city. No matter which environment I was in they performed flawlessly. I have at least 100 miles in these boots and they are still holding up very nicely.

When I was testing the Magnum Sidewinder HPI BootsI tried to be as hard on them as I possibly could be. While hiking in Colorado with these boots I took them through trails that had about 6 inches of fresh snow on them and through small creeks that were about 6-8 inches deep in places. Neither the snow or running water were a match for these boots. I walked through them without any moisture seeping through to the inside. I also took the time to walk off trail and walk through some thick brush, over downed trees, and through some nice deep mud patches. These boots are built for these conditions and were a pleasure to walk in.

In the desert I was walking in nice 90 degree dry heat. I hiked through dry sand and dirt and up some nice rock cropping with no problems. The grip on the rocks was perfect and I felt safe with every step I took. Even in the hot weather I never felt uncomfortable in the Sidewinder HPi boots.Magnum Sidewinder Tread

So I think you might get the idea by now that I think these are pretty good boots. I tried and tried but could not find any real faults with them. If you are looking for a good boot that will you take you through just about any terrain than do yourself a favor and invest in a pair of Magnum Sidewinder HPi boots. There are cheaper options out there but it would be worth your while to spend a little more on these. The Sidewinder’s are going to last you a long time and you will get your moneys worth.

I can say all the good things in the world about these boots but the true test of them is being done by our troops who are wearing them each and everyday as they serve overseas. No matter what testing I do it will never compare to what they put these boots through on a daily basis. If the Magnum Sidewinder HPi boots are good enough for our troops than you better believe they will hold up to your hunting or hiking trips.

If you are looking to pick up a pair of these boots for yourself you can get them at the following for about $60 off retail price. Magnum Men’s Sidewinder Desert HPI Boot

Magnum Sidewinder HPI Boot in BoxMagnum Sidewinder Tread CloseMagnum Sidewinder HPI


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4 Responses to "Magnum Sidewinder HPi Boot Review"

  1. Kev says:

    Thanks for reviewing these Magnum boots. I have been looking for a new pair of boots and was really thinking about picking these up. I went to the provided link and got a good price on them. Can’t wait to try them out for myself.

  2. Brian Bishop says:

    I went and purchased these boots after reading this review and they are actually pretty good boots. I mostly use them when I’m out hiking and don’t really have any complaints about them.

  3. Todd says:

    I used these boots overseas and really liked them. If you have some extra money for a good pair of boots they can’t be beat.

  4. Air Wing 870 says:

    Used these boots for a solid year before I started having any real issues with them.

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