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Common Crappie Fishing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Crappie MistakesEvery fisherman has had their good and bad days while going after Crappie. You need to avoid the common mistakes that other Crappie fisherman face so you can go home with a stringer full of fish. Lets face it, most of us don’t get a lot of extra time that allows us to get out and fish. For the most part we are working full time jobs and when we get to go fishing it is considered a release from the stresses of everyday life. I have taken the time to do a good amount of research and have come up with some common Crappie fishing mistakes.

Mistake 1: 

Patience doesn’t “Pay” With Crappie. Everyone has heard that you need to have patience when you are fishing. This however is not the case when you are fishing for Crappie. Crappie are a schooling fish so it is important to find their schools. When you are fishing for Crappie it is important to be on the move until you locate one of these schools. If you don’t locate the school of Crappie you could be in for a long day and an empty dinner plate.

Mistake 2:

Casting a dull un-sharpened hook is a mistake when fishing for Crappie. Have you ever experienced that moment where you have set your hook and you were sure you were going to pull a Crappie out of the water only to find it empty? The is not your fishing technique, it is the hooks you are using . It is important to replace your hooks when you notice they are starting to get a little dull. You need to be sure to keep your hooks nice and sharp, you would be surprised the difference a sharp hook makes. There are some really good pocket sharpeners that you can carry with you whenever you go out fishing. A real good one is the Berkley Pocket Hook Sharpner.

Mistake 3:

I’m guessing if you were going on a trip you would do a little planning. Maybe a little map printing, maybe a tour book, and even planning day to day activities. Well what makes you think you shouldn’t be doing the same for a fishing trip? If you have a map of the waters you are going to fish you can identify ahead of time the ideal fishing spots. This simple step can make or break a fishing trip. It is amazing how many fisherman never bother to pick up a lake map and plan out there fishing trip. These maps can be picked up at local bait shops or even found online. Planning the trip with a map can greatly increase you odds of getting into some fish.

Mistake 4:

Do not stop your boat while trolling. It is always best to have two people in the boat while you are trolling. When you get a fish on one pole you want to be able to continue to troll with other poles in the water. If you stop trolling than you will lose the spot where you found the fish and will have to start the entire process over again. If you have more than one person you can rebait your poles while the other person continues to drive the boat. It is surprising how many people actually make this mistake.

Mistake 5:

Don’t think you have to place your boar right on top of the fish. This is a huge mistake. The sound of the engine and the wake you create is going to scare the Crappie away. Get as close as you can without scaring the fish away. Try getting a longer pole that will allow you to place you bait where you want it without driving your boat on top of the fish.

Next time you are out fishing for Crappie try and remember some of these common mistakes. The more common mistakes you can avoid the more Crappie you are going to take home with you. Most importantly enjoy your day on the water!

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