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Firearms for Home Defense – Do You Need One?

maverick 88 ShotgunSome people might read this article and completely disagree with it. Most likely these same people would not be prepared in a home defense situation and unfortunately will end up being a victim. You need to ask yourself, do you want to defend your family and your home or do you want to be a victim? If you were to ask me this question the answer would be very simple. I choose to defend myself, my family, and my property, and I choose to defend all of this with the best tool possible. The best tool for home defense is a firearm and anyone who disagrees is 100% wrong. Just remind yourself that you never know what an intruder will have with them. If an intruder has a gun than your knife or baseball bat will be useless. The police should always be called if someone is entering your home, but you need to be able to defend yourself while you wait for them to arrive. I believe in shooting first and letting the police figure out why they were in your house.

Smith & Wesson sw9ve 9mm HandgunSo now that we know a firearm is the best option for home defense you might be wondering what kind of firearm is your best option. This is a personal preference to an extent, but just remember that any firearm is better than no firearm. I personally use two different firearms for home defense. I have a 9mm handgun that is around me throughout the day while in my home and it travels with me to bed at night. I also have a Maverick 88 12 Gauge that is always loaded with 00 Buck Shot while in the home. I personally feel that the combination of these two firearms gives me enough firepower to stop just about anyone that would be foolish enough to enter my home without permission. The reason I use these two weapons is simple. First the handgun holds a good amount of ammo and has enough power to take down an intruder without sending rounds through walls and into a neighbors house. If I miss with my home defense handgun it will most likely penetrate the walls in my home but will most likely not make it into a neighbors house. The reason for keeping the 12 gauge with 00 buck is simple, stopping power. The 12 gauge shotgun loaded with 00 buck will stop anyone in their tracks. I also don’t have to worry about any of the shot entering a neighbors property. Yes the 00 buck will destroy my walls but I’m not worried about that when trying to protect my family.

High Powered RifleFirearms I don’t really recommend as your go to home defense weapon for a break in or intruder situation would be high powered rifles. I do believe high powered rifles have their place when it comes to home defense, but that place would not be dealing with a normal home intruder. High powered rifles have way to much penetrating power to be used if someone is breaking into your house. If you miss your target with a high powered rifle the round will likely exit your home and could potentially wound or kill someone that the round was not intended for. Don’t take any of this as us telling you not to own or use these weapons. They absolutely have a place in home defense but not the kind of home defense we are covering here.

When you do the right thing and purchase a home defense firearm you will need to know how to use it. Having a firearm in the home for home defense is a good start but not knowing how to use it will be a problem. Take the time to sign up for some shooting classes if your are new to firearms. Also take the time to go out to the range and practice firing your weapon at different types of target from a variety of distances. Since this will be a home defense weapon you will want to practice firing close to your target from different positions. I can not stress enough how important it is to be properly trained with your firearm. Learn how to fire it properly, learn how to clean it properly, and most importantly know how to be safe with your firearm.

Once you have a firearm in your home you must always practice firearm safety. Everyone in your home should know how to be safe with the new firearm. If you have children in your home than the firearm should be secured and the children should be taught that it is not a toy. In my opinion, and I think most will agree with me on this, everyone in the house should know how to properly use the firearm. If everyone knows how to use a gun safely and knows exactly what the gun is capable of than everyone will be much safer with it in the home.

So ask yourself now, are you going to be a victim or are you going to have a firearm in your house to protect your family?

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9 Responses to "Firearms for Home Defense – Do You Need One?"

  1. Todd says:

    Nice article. I’m sure there will be some that agree and disagree with the caliber of the pistol. I like your choices though.

    I’m linking to your article.


  2. Outdoors Native Outdoors Native says:

    Thanks for the link Todd. I completely agree that some will agree and disagree with the caliber of pistol. I think no matter what caliber it is I think we could all agree we wouldn’t want to be the one getting hit with it.

  3. Richard Göbel says:


    Ik like this article also. I’m frommthe netherlands and firearms are strictly prohibited in the Netherlands. Only Law enforsment officers like police agents are allowed to carry. But when they are off duty the are also prohibited to carry a fire arm. So when there is a nutcase in the shoppingmall going bezerk the only thing you ca do is to hide and wait for the police. In the UK police doesn’t carry a fire arm at all. Accidents in the netherlands only occur when someone has the acces to a fire arm and having psychological problems. These people should be prohibited to carry a fire arm. Not the rest. I understand defending yourself in the states is alowed on your property and inside your house as long it is in defending yourself. In the Netherlands the only thing you can ask to a thief is to ask if he wat to leave. You cannot shoot him or slap him. When you hurt the thief he can seu you for assault. ?????

    I’m not joking. This is real. I would prefer just shooting the bastard. But politics say “no? you just have to ask the man to stand still. You have to apprehend the person and ask him to wait wile you are calling the police. You are allowed to use force but only the right amount of force. We call it proportional force. Don’t shoot a fly with a Gatling Gun. But since the avarage person is not a trained combat fighter you likely end up being stabbed or shot or assaulted by the thief. So perhaps shooting is the best option.

    Greeting from Richard Göbel from the Netherlands.
    Oh? I forgot to tell. I have had a training for a Walther P5 for my work when I was a prison guard. The Walter P5 is also being used by the Police.

    1. Jiovanni says:

      forget to push reply maybe like this you got a messenge about my comment

  4. Spellhitler says:

    I would just lock my door.

  5. Outdoors Native Outdoors Native says:

    Yeah locking your door seems like the best answer. No one has ever entered a house when a door has been locked. I think I’ll lock the door and keep the guns.

  6. We keep a pistol in each bedside table and the couch end table, along with flashlights. We live in a low crime, rural area, but I’m not willing to be complacent and believe that a locked door will save us.

  7. Jiovanni says:

    Richard,i going to Holland in the next year,can i carry a pepper spray in my home or an electirck shocker?

  8. Richard says:

    The locked school door in Connecticut didn’t stop that monster…

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