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The Turkey Hunting Techniques Every Hunter Should Know

Turkey HuntingHunting for turkey is definitely not one of the easier hunts you can go on. Some hunters will follow the rules by the book. They will study turkey behaviors depending on which season they are hunting in, they will purchase the top of the line turkey equipment, and they will practice their turkey call to perfection. Even after all of this they might struggle to bring a turkey home with them. What the hunters are missing are a couple simple tactics that will go a long way towards bringing home a bird.

The first thing every turkey hunter should know is to not approach the turkey and let the turkey come to you. Turkeys have extremely good eyesight and hearing and can see and hear a hunter that might be stalking them. Always remember to let the turkey walk to you.

When a tom struts and gobbles in response to the hen call from a hunter and still does not get close enough to take a shot, the best approach is to reduce how often you are making the turkey call until such time that you stop the call completely. This might not sound like the correct thing to do but really this is one of the best turkey hunting tactics every hunter needs to know. Gobblers are known to be proud and stubborn and the more he hears a hen call it, the more he waits for the hen to approach. If a hunter will actually stop calling completely than this is the time the tom will actually come and try to find the hen.

If you are doing turkey calls over and over and are not getting any action from it than you might need to change up your call a little. Try a call for a while and if it doesn’t do the job than try another until you find the one that works. Remember to be patient and you will get the bird you are searching for.

One last thing you must always remember is that safety is key when hunting for turkey. If you spot another hunter be sure to speak to them so they no where you are located. Do not use you call when another hunter is approaching. If you use a call with another hunter approaching you could be confused for a turkey and be shot.

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  1. Eula says:

    Visited your webblog through AOL. You already know I will be subscribing to your feed.

  2. Kia says:

    Large follower on this blog, a lot of your articles have definitely helped me out. Looking towards up-dates!

  3. Peter says:

    Thanks for the tips, they really are helpful. Patience and safety are among the most important thing to be taken into consideration when going turkey hunting.

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