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Camping around Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada

Revelstoke CampingCamping in British Columbia is well known for the various interesting options it offers, but camping in the Monashees takes it to a higher level. The Monashee Mountains are part of the Central Columbia Mountain Range in British Columbia, Canada, and offer people one of the best experiences camping that they can get. In fact, staying in the Monashees is an experience unlike any other because of the wild expanses of wilderness this place offers. This unique experience should never be missed if you ever have the opportunity.

There are a multitude of mountains, lakes and forests that you can enjoy when you are camping in the Monashees. There are also plenty of glaciers at higher altitudes. In addition, there are parts of this wilderness that are completely undeveloped and where one can enjoy nature in all its glory. There are wide stretches where you can see forests of old-growth cedar, spruce and hemlock. There are also beautiful Alpine meadows at higher elevations. The Monashees are also a very important habitat for grizzly bears and a very small herd of caribou as well. Other animals that live in this mountain range include deer, squirrels, hares, mountain goats and marmots.

Revelstoke offers excellent access to this wilderness area and it also has plenty of other attractions to keep you busy when you are camping in British Columbia. There are many wonderful places for camping around Revelstoke that make it very easy for you to plan a vacation in this place. Camping in the Monashees gives you the opportunity to go hiking, snowmobiling, mountain biking and skiing.

The Monashees are a great place to be surrounded by nature, and people come to camp in BC from different parts of Canada and the United States in their RVs because of the infrastructure available, especially in Revelstoke. There are a multitude of options for camping in Revelstoke that suit every requirement. In addition, there are RV campgrounds of varying sizes where you can get exactly what you require for an interesting vacation camping in the Monashees.

Camping around Revelstoke gives you the opportunity to enjoy more than a trip into the forest. There are plenty of theme parks and attractions within a short distance of Revelstoke, and you will really enjoy yourself. In fact, people of all ages will find something to do in and around Revelstoke, making it a great place to base a vacation. History buffs in particular will find places of great interest over here.

Revelstoke CampgroundSelecting the best place to camp in Revelstoke is a very easy task because there are plenty of options available. You have to select your campground based upon the facilities available and also on the proximity to various attractions. For instance, if you are travelling by RV then you have to find the best place where you can get all the facilities you need, whether they are power supplies or sani-dump facilities. Many campgrounds and RV parks also have in-house options for entertainment that add to the list of interesting things to do.

Make sure that you stop by Revelstoke if case you want some of the best camping in British Columbia. It makes good sense to look for the site offering the best camping around Revelstoke so that your vacation is truly enjoyable and you have absolutely nothing to complain about. Most people who come to Revelstoke at least once become lifelong fans of the place because of its sheer beauty and the variety of things to do. You too will not be able to resist the charms of Revelstoke and the Monashees if you visit this place at least once.

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2 Responses to "Camping around Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada"

  1. Lisa L. says:

    I have actually been up to Revelstoke to ski and the area is amazing. Never went camping or backpacking up there but I would image it would be great in the summer.

  2. Canadian1981 says:

    I’ve been to Revelstoke many times and the authors description is dead on. Great place to go for everyone. Downtown Revelstoke is beautiful. All of BC is great to visit (Don’t move there though, the laid back, hippie attitude will annoy you, if you appreciate the value of hard work)

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