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Free Camping on BLM Land

Free BLM CampingFree camping in the US? Yes there really is free camping located throughout the United States. The western United States is filled with federal lands that have plenty of opportunities to camp for free. So if you are looking for free camping than you need to start heading west to find a place.

What should you be looking for when looking for a place with free camping? You need to be looking for Bureau of Land Management lands. The BLM manages lands throughout the western United States and much of this land is open for free camping. Once you decide what western state you would like to do your free camping in than you will need to either visit the local BLM’s website or better yet visit the local BLM field office. Both the website and field office locations will be able to give you information on specific locations open to free camping. You can also pick up maps of BLM land that will show you what is federal land and what is private. Free camping might be available on public lands but if you stray onto private land you might encounter some unhappy private land owners.

Even though you are camping for free you still need to follow some rules. You can’t camp at the same site for more then two weeks. Once your two weeks of free camping are up you will need to move to another site at least 30 miles from your original free campsite. You will also need to pack out all of your waste, this includes human waste. Pretty much all free camping on BLM land requires that you pack out human waste, this means you can’t burn it and you can’t bury it, what you produce must leave with you. You also need to make sure your free camping site is at least 100 feet from sources of water. And the last thing we will mention is to make sure you are safe with your campfire. Be sure to check with the local BLM office on campfire rules and be sure to follow them when using public lands.

Free camping is something every American should take advantage of. There is nothing better than heading out west and taking advantage of our public lands. Free camping is one of the benefits of our public lands so please make sure you treat the lands with respect and leave them how you found it. You can get more information about free camping on public lands at BLM.gov.

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4 Responses to "Free Camping on BLM Land"

  1. Monica says:

    Wow, I had no idea the Bureau of Land Management offered free camping. Thanks for all the info. Packing out everything sounds like it would be a pain unless you’re using an RV. I just got my first RV and love it. I get to enjoy nature while taking advantage of technology. My favorite thing to bring along is my tailgater from DISH. There’s nothing like snuggling up and watching a movie after a long day of hiking. It’s small and easy to bring along and the simple setup is even easier for me since I work for DISH. I’ll definitely be looking for some BLM land soon.

  2. Mike says:

    Most Western National Forest Lands have the same rules regarding ‘dispersed camping’. No permit required, no fee. take your trash and enjoy your public lands……

  3. John says:

    Sounds great. Packing out everything is not an issue with a little planning. This is the way camping and hiking should be. Its sometimes hard to realize that you are in the great outdoors when you are compressed into some of today’s campsites.
    If you need camping and hiking tips and gear, stop into our shop.

  4. Camping Guy says:

    Thank you for some other excellent post. I have been looking for info on where I can do some camping for free.

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