5 Common Sense Tips For Surviving a Natural Disaster

desert mineIf for some reason you find yourself in the aftermath of a natural disaster, it is absolutely crucial that you know what to do so that you get out of it unscathed and alive. It is with this goal in mind that we provide you with several tips on how you can best increase your chances of surviving a natural disaster. After all, in these precarious times we live in, it seems almost impossible to be certain of what might happen anymore.

1. Do not panic. This is rule number one. Sadly, there are a lot of moments when panicking and failing to keep composure is the reason why people do not make it out of natural disasters or calamities. Naturally, the situation is scary and your first instinct might be to have a meltdown — but you have to understand that behaving this way does not help anyone, most especially yourself. All it does is paralyze you and prevent you from thinking straight. Again, stay calm! This will be your key to survival.

2.Ensure that you and your companions (if any) are unharmed and accounted for. Make sure that everyone in your party is accounted for and that nobody is seriously injured. If someone happens to have a serious physical injury, it is best that you do not attempt to move them to prevent from aggravating their injury.

3.Get to a place of safety. This is absolutely crucial. There needs to be no immediate danger within your vicinity such as wild animals, strong, moving water, a fire, leaking gas line, or other similar dangers. This is your utmost priority. Get to a place of safety where you will be free from exposure to harsh environmental elements.

4.Find a clean water source. After finding a safe place to seek shelter in, your next goal will be to find a source of clean and safe drinking water. Remember: humans can survive three minutes without oxygen, three days without water, and three days without food. Thus, make this a priority. If you encounter a water source and are uncertain about its safety, boil the water or try to find water purification tablets.

5.Look for help. If you are within your home area or close to civilization, you are in luck. But if not, you will have to look for help as soon as possible. If you are with a group, divide yourselves during the day time, split up, and talk about a meeting place at the end of the day. Always buddy up.